Many Washington DC Newcomers Choose Bethesda 

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Bethesda Home Remodeling
Located adjacent to Washington, DC, Bethesda, MD is known for being one of the most affluent and highly educated cities in the United States. Census da
ta shows 86% of its residents are college educated and earn a median income of $171,930. With such a reputation and its convenient location, Bethesda is often a first choice for area newcomers. Most are families, 75% actually, and many seek the prized public school systems and many private school options.

Even though the area experiences high turnover every four years, most are homebuyers, making up 84% of the real estate market, according to While the sale price has been dropping slightly, the median prices range from $790k-$890k. 

With such a hot market and the lack of inventory, homebuyers often choose to select a home based on neighborhood and then remodel it to meet their own families’ specific needs. Beautiful older homes and even more recently built homes often don’t have the features or the design aesthetic that the homebuyer prefers. While it has been a growing trend to tear down homes in the Bethesda area, small renovations or larger additions can preserve the historic qualities of the home and aesthetic of the neighborhood while refreshing the entire interior as desired. 

ART Design Build has done home remodeling in the Washington DC area since 1994. The firm’s award-winning projects, including remodels, ground-up builds, kitchen remodeling, and bath remodeling, line Bethesda neighborhoods and Washington DC. View our portfolio to view our latest work and contact us to learn more about our services. 

Bethesda Home Remodeling ART Design Build Bethesda Home Remodeling

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