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Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Art-kitchen-1Often the first room new home occupants want to remodel is the kitchen. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is a direct reflection of style and lifestyle. Customizing it to better fit your needs can make a substantial difference in your every day. At ART Design Build, we’ve been helping our clients remodel kitchens in the Bethesda and Washington DC area for decades. We’ve compiled a few tips below from our years of experience.

Function Trumps Form
While we wouldnormally strive for form equals function, when it comes to kitchen remodeling, function wins in the initial planning phase. Think first about how you use the space and then determine what’s most important to you. Consider what types of foods you cook most and then about what would make it easier or better. If you cook with fresh foods, consider a larger sink area and prep area. If a morning breakfast person, consider a built-in griddle. If take-out is more your style, add a larger kitchen island with bar stools.

Consider Who’s in the Space
The kitchen is often the center of the house where everyone gathers. The flow of traffic throughout the space should be top of mind. Ensure enough room around the cabinets, island, and appliances. Add plenty of seating for casual dining or chatting during prep and clean-up.

Brighten It Up
Lighting placement in the kitchen is essential to consider. Shadows and dark spaces can be frustrating and make it more difficult to enjoy the cooking process. Under-cabinet lighting can be an excellent supplement to overhead lighting. Consider hanging lights above the sink and over the island for more controlled lighting, as well.

Get Electric
Having appropriately placed power outlets in the kitchen requires forethought. Think not only about your big appliances, but also your small appliances, from your countertop mixer to your coffee machine. Add a special outlet dedicated to cell phone charging and other mobile devices for added convenience.

Think Quality
With so much traffic in the kitchen, don’t skimp on heavily used surfaces, including the countertops and flooring. Select materials that will stand the test of time with ongoing use. Stone in neutral colors not only has the strength, but can also remain in style for longer periods of time.

To learn more about our kitchen remodeling services in Bethesda and Washington DC, please contact us at 301-656-6500 and visit our portfolio.


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